COKOON Entertainment Online is an ideal collection point for the different online entertainment portals. Here you will find a complete and extensive list of all the information on the diverse portal typologies that were invented, studied and accomplished ad hoc in order to satisfy your interests. All these sites share the peculiarity to deal with different specific fields of online entertainment, while making use of the new modern technologies. This is how the portals for photography, videos and video clips were born, either out of pure fun or for public use. And let us not forget the playful side which is represented through the online game portal in all its forms.

Video do it yourself (DIY)

Video Do it Yourself The online portal for do-it-yourself amateur videos under

The portal videodoityourself makes it possible to see the amateur videos sent in by its users on D-I-Y subjects such as cooking recipes, instructions on how to assemble a wardrobe and many more. You can see in these specific video clips some of the do-it-yourself operations, which you can choose at your complete discretion. Are you particularly good at something and you would like to share it with others? Send the amateur video of your activity to the video do it your self portal. You might share your knowledge and at the same time find useful hints for your hobbies. From kitchen to gardening, from model-making to restorations, all can be filmed and shared with others. [to be continued…]

Find old friends

Find old friends

Do you want to find again an old friend? Or do you wish to be found by a friend of long-standing or a school companion? Thanks to this is now possible.

Find old friends is an entertainment portal that offers the concrete possibility to search for an old friend you cannot get in contact with, because of distance or due to lack of time. [to be continued…]

MiTurbi: The game of secret loves

Mi Turbi secret love gameMiturbi: The game of secret loves on

To make advances to a person you are attracted to, is easier to say than to do. Thanks to MiTurbi, the game of secret loves, it is possible to get closer to the person you desire, while using the web interface of this intriguing online game. All this is happening in the highest possible privacy between individuals who know each other and who might want to begin a story.
Under construction - Now only in italian language [to be continued…].

Web Art Gallery

Web art gallery An innovative art gallery, where the artists can publish their pieces of art under

Webartgallery is in fact a portal which is entirely dedicated to the lovers of art, and above we find all modern art pieces ranging from digital art and photography, to classical forms of expression represented by paintings and sculptures, up to the new and modern artistic forms of graffiti and mural paintings. A huge online gallery where, apart from observing the artistic creations of new upcoming artists, it is also possible to send in your own works of art. An innovative way to propagate the artistic arrivals of the new millennium, while making use of the potential the web offers together with its wide diffusion. [to be continued…]

Talent Scout Italia

Talent Scout A video gallery for the aspiring artists of the world of showbiz under

The portal gives you the possibility to demonstrate your own artistic aptitudes. Singing, cabaret, dance and music are some of the categories of which you can present your samples online. The web talent-scouts might examine your suggestions and grant you an opportunity in the world of entertainment. You can become a movie or theatre actor - or any showbiz artist
Under construction - Now only in italian language [to be continued…]

Forget your expirations

Rememberme To remember to you we are believed them! will remember you the expiration of your personal documents like patent, passport, identity card, or simply it will remember you the birthdays of your friends or the anniversaries of dates to you beloveds but the possibilities are almost infinite. is a service online allows that you to remember your expirations in funny way, easy and fast. After a short procedure of recording you will be able to approach in your restricted area and to manage all your expirations, without some limit. [to be continued…]


E-Village Have a look how the cities of the world have evolved over the years under makes it possible to define the historic sights with the most immediate means: the visual perspective. Compare some of your preferred historic forums, with current photos of the same place to compare the inevitable differences time has brought. Landscapes, cities and individual locations, tell their stories through historical pictures. Look for the place you are interested in, or send the photos of your birth place or area of interest. The aim of the portal is to create an immense online photo album, which enables us to consult the photos of our hometown and our preferred places, to better understand the differences due to the march of time. Send your photos and consult those of the other users. [to be continued…]

Collection Box & Bottles

collection box and bottlesDo you collect boxes, bottles or sugar bags? Share them with others on the portal

Multiply your passion and enlarge your collection on the web. Thanks to Box & Bottle you will be able to share your collection with other people who, enthusiasts like yourself, can send photographic material of their own personal collection. Among the most popular ones are the special bottles with limited edition, or the sugar bags from all over the world. The aim is to enlarge the horizons of your passion, while making use of the long web wave as a means for sharing. On the pages of, you can easily send your photographic material, or be updated at all times on the creative world of containers of all kinds. [to be continued…]

Life Experiences

Life Experiences Have you a beautiful experiences of life to tell? Do you want to share this experience with the new interesting community on the web? See, the new community where everyone can write a little story about the facts of his own life. If you want you can read other stories, comment these and make friends with the story that you write and read on Lifeexperiences.
[to be continued…]

Good Day World News

GDW News GoodDayWorld news is born: a new way to know the news from the world. It’s the mirror of what thousands of people create every day which is positive, constructive and that no one talks about. Freed from any partial interest, GDW is the open space that gives voice to the discoveries, inventions, ideas, undertakings and the actions that woman men and children across the world do in order to contribute to the betterment of society. Our partners are Universities, research Centres, non- profit Organizations, Socially Responsible Enterprises, Ngo’s, informal Groups, and, above all, people.[to be continued…]

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